IPackThat & Modo Flavor.

Having so much fun with the « Copy/Paste UV position » in Modo 901 and IPackThat. It’s been a long time since i wait for that features in Modo, as it’s in Maya since a long time (« Transfert Data »). With IPack That on the side, it’s so sweet and quick to layout UV’s perfectly. Also Color’s UI look like they match closely between the two ;^D



The process is easy.

  • In Modo select your item you want to layout UV’s.
  • then « File —> Export as » FBX file: Source.fbx
  • Open IpackThat and Load that FBX file.
  • Tweak your settings then save the new UV layout solution to a new file : Result.fbx
  • Then in Modo open that Result.fbx (or if it’s already loaded, just use « File —> Revert » to update the scene).
  • Select all Polygons on that mesh item (Alt+Shift+A) and use « Edit UV’s —> Copy UV Positions »
  • Then Go back to your LXO SourceProject scene, select the same object in item mode.
  • Then Select all Polygons and « Edit UV’s —> Paste UV Positions », with Selection as option in the dialog.
  • Voilà.
Just a bunch of exemple.

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