DyneRR – Dynamic RenderRegion for Modo – Released

Hi everyone.

Here is an assembly that may speed up your rendering with ease and with affordability.

Available on my Gumroad page.

(New tools will come soon aside of this first product.)

——————————–> UPDATE 1.5 <——————————–


Even more simple to connect the nodes.

Camera to DyneRR with only one Node now

(Thanks to Simon Lundberg & Alexander Kucera for their support)


Key Features:

  • Animated RenderRegion over time from one or multiple mesh in scene.
  • no Pre-Process bake.

Can be modified at anytime using your current camera animation.

  • Border Overlap supported.

Works if the Target mesh goes out of the screen. Render Region = 0%

  • Simple setup.

Only 1 Nodes to connect to Camera and Render Item

  • Easy to delete.

It didn’t messed up your scene.

  • Border Margin.

to expand the render around the area to extend it by n%.

  • Modo native nodes, No-Kit to install.

It can be read by any Modo user, so no problem sharing scene.

  • PassGroups supported.

It can speedup your rendering a lot when working with PassGroups even if your hidden mesh at BG are not visible but contribute to the shading of the target.

  • Money and Time saver.

It can be used on Renderfarms also.


(Modo compatible from 10.0 to 11.1.)

Licensed for Commercial usage, you just have to pay for it one time and you can use it on every project, from personal to professional.

  • This is an assembly, because well, i’m not a coder :^D.
  • It’s not a Kit, because i think this early release didn’t require many setup from the user.
  • It use all the power of MeshOps and setup capability of modo directly, so it can be read by any renderfarm or any local computer that you may use to render your stuff in Play mode. This way it’s an embedded tool, inside your Modo Scene.

I’ve though about this tool because as Modo native renderer didn’t got a Render Masking like Vray does this native (through alpha masking), i’ve faced long render times over my last project.

It use a Volume Driven Based approach that let’s you use it on one or multiple item/target and animated item as well. a Border Margin option let’s you have more pixels, to be rendered around your target.

I know it’s not totally optimized because it use a Volume trick (BoundingBox of the target), but even if that’s not the perfect tool, it does speed up my PassGroups render from about 50% to 800% in some cases (depending of the area took by the mesh on the frame).


I’m glad to jump into the « give and take » boat. I know it’s not free, but cheapest than a longer rendering when you’re close to the deadline. And it may probably give you back the money on your next Cloud Renderfarm jobs or Electric incomes.

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