SMO GAME CONTENT Kit – 1st – MeshOps Workflow for All.

Improving the Procedural MeshOps integration to your pipeline.

One big part of the key features in the kit is in the Meshop part of it, that is filled up with a bunch of scripts to help you work faster on an iterative process.

It lets you build kitbash of meshes as FBX or MeshPreset as LXL file, like in this video.

It also lets you load every FBX Data to show those Meshes as Inline or 2D or 3D Array that you can then renders as Asset library board. 

It includes Vertex Normals set, MikkTangentSpace map, UVs and Materials, it preserve the smoothness to have an issue free pipeline.

For instance:
It took me just 3 different MeshOp Rig scene to create this set of about 300 types of Prefabs. The maximum load in Modo was at about 11 Gb Memory load when i’ve exported the biggest rig along 180 Frames.


I’ve tested my MeshOps Rig to FBX Sequence also on Really Heavy Scene with the wonderful SciFi Building scene of Sergey Tyapkin. And it runs like a charm, exporting 32 Models of the building from 600 K triangle to 1.2 Millions each exported in 3.5 hours during the night.


Meshops & MeshFusion workflow also have a special Menu bar for quickly call meshops and add nodes to schematic.

  • Select the Base Mesh (for Direct Modeling edit)
  • Select the Top Level Mesh (to get the Result back)
  • Add Assign Selection Set node (that is probably the most common called node with the Merge Mesh)
  • Add Mesh Primitives (in one click to the schematic)
  • Add Merge Mesh Node (the most called Node)
  • Add Merge Polygons and Vertex
  • Add Common Poly Bevel, Edge Bevel,
  • Thicken and Smooth Shift
  • Add Extrude Meshops for Curve, Pen, Edge, Polygon
  • Add World Transform like Position, Rotation, Scale
  • Mesh Fusion macros to add a Procedural built mesh easily to a MeshFusion Rig, via the Prepare Mesh for MeshFusion and an Add Fusion Feed to Procedural Mesh.
  • Scripts for Kitbash Export and import of FBX files and for LXL Mesh Preset files.

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