SMO GAME CONTENT Kit – 2nd – Understanding how Modo works under the hood.

Understanding how Modo works, in order to tame it easily.

A bunch of multiple Externalized Config file with comments and stuff to modify it, to your own Needs:

  • Preferences
  • Keymap
  • Keymap for GamePad (Belkin Nostromo N52)
  • Viewport Color Scheme
  • Color IO Management
  • FBX Presets (for all your exports to Substance / Unity / Zbrush and so on)
  • 2 Customized Layouts for your 2nd Monitor (Modeling and UV Advanced Tools)
  • Pref Example for Network Rendering
  • Tools Properties Keymap

As i’ve created this kit over years, i always update it on a 2 Week basis via SVN Tortoise Versioning system.
I’ll update more quickly compared to other kits, that i’ve released before.

It’s compatible with Modo 11.X to 12.X and it is under test on 13 Public Beta too.

Every aspect will be available to you, in order to help you to save all your preferences in it, for the most easy and comfortable experience in a Game Content Creation scenario.

No more issue when you reset your prefs or when a new release of Modo comes in.
Customize your own pref in it, to adapt it to your needs.

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