Hi everyone,

What do you think of this new tool (assembly) that lets you Straighten a Source Photograph using curves as guide ?


As it use curve, you can do this on shape that had really strong curvature.

Much better than Perspective Warp in Photoshop, as the line are well….Curves


With a Ratio Preservation or Evenly Spaced.

Best regards, Franck.

AR MR – Mechanical Engineering

AR / MR project using Hololens and Mobile done on the last 2 Weeks.

Model built from scratch in Modo, UVpacked in RizomUV, Pixaflux normal map Bake, textured in Substance Designer and Painter, integrated in Unity.

Animation of build up process will be show off in MR or AR device.

Wireframe in Modo and Color ID in Modo:

3 UV maps done in both Modo and RizomUV.

(3 Maps: 4K, 2 K, 1K )


MODO | SMO GAME CONTENT Kit for Modo 12.X – Beta 1.30

Hi everyone.


This kit focus on creating Kitbash of assets and Game Content development for Unity.
(UE4 preset are currently in dev).

I want to point out also that it could help a lot your production on other stuff than Game Content.

  • ArchViz (it can help you to build large library of Assets as Mesh Presets)
  • Product Design (for creating variration of the MeshFusion or morphed animation)

I’ve built it up over years of daily work in Modo, to speedup my workflow as well as avoiding any issue when dealing with new release of Modo.

As always, nothing could be done without the support of all the community over the years. I want to thanks again, William V, Seneca M, Cristobal V, Adam O’H , Mario B, Yazan M, Richard Y, Ymmanuel F, James O’H and every other Kit Developers that have empowered Modo along the way. It is an inspiration for everyone.

For a short period of time and as it is still a Beta,the price tag will be at 15 $ till 4st April 2019,
then i will grow it up to is standard price at 20$.

The Main Animated MeshOp Exporter as FBX or LXL is at least Gold Ingot, but there is so much more in the Kit.

As usual, i’ll release it as a Beta, starting from release 1.30. I’m currently cleaning, adjusting and converting or removing scripts, depending on the interest of users as well as their perspicacity for this Master Kit. It’s the biggest kit for me in terms of content. It’s far more easy for me to do Meshops preset for sure, but the challenge worth it i think for the pleasure of everyone here.

For all updated information please have a look in this thread and contact me on Twitter or on the Foundry Slack server or on Foundry Forums  :  

Best regards, Franck.


It comes 3 different Key Topic in mind.

1: Improving the Procedural MeshOps integration to your pipeline.
Having the opportunity to speed up Asset modeling iteration via Procedural workflow can be really powerful, and give you more time and flexibility.

2: Understanding how Modo works, in order to tame it easily.
It include bunch of commented Fragmented Config file that will help you understand how Preference / Keymap / and UI works in Modo.

3: Improving Workflow via Pie Menus, Macro and Scripts.
A Master pie and a set of other sub Pie in it. All Key mapped, with loads of Script and Macro to speed up everything you may need during Assets Development
les and for LXL Mesh Preset files.


Update Log:
2019/03/15 – Beta 1.35 – Compatibility Improved
Test passed on Modo 12.0v1, 12.1v2, 12.2v2 and 13.0 RC0

2019/03/14 – Update: Installation walk through video

Fan boys Mode ON: Slack Modo theme.

For those who always wanted to get a better contrast and comfort when reading the slack channel of Foundry, you’ve probably wanted to get a Dark Mode. So here are the steps to follow.


First of all follow the video below. and take a moment to copy the code right here.

this is the Hexadecimal color chain for the Sidebar color preference.


Now that we’ve changed the main color theme, we need to edit a JavaScript , because well Slack doesn’t offer right in the bat solution for a dark mode.

  • 1. Open your installation folder of Slack:
    (located under C:\Users\___YOUR_NAME___\AppData\Local\slack )
  • 2. Then search for that File: ssb-interop.js
  • 3. Edit it with Notepad++ or any Text editing software.
  • 4. Now add that code bellow to the end of the that file.
  • 5. Close Slack (don’t forget to close it totally by Quitting the app in lower right side of your Taskbar.
  • 6. Restart slack.

For their Awesome blog post thanks a lot to

Good job.

DyneRR Update 1.72

DyneRR Update 1.72

  • Fixed the Aspect ratio bug if you were using a ratio of 1.5 for the render  (1920 x 1280 pix). So now you can use any resolution you want.
  • Fixed a Bug in the Render Margin that was not updating the RenderRegion in Vertical values.
  • Discounted by 20% here
  • New tutorial in FullHD here:

DyneRR – Dynamic RenderRegion for Modo – Released

Hi everyone.

Here is an assembly that may speed up your rendering with ease and with affordability.

Available on my Gumroad page.

(New tools will come soon aside of this first product.)

Lire la suite

my humble contribution through bug reports on Modo 11.

Foundry Dev Team is aware of those things, just to keep informed Modo users. I hope they will be fixed soon.

Bug 55319 – Let users add grouped mesh items to the sources of MergeMeshOps

Bug 55386 – [Regression] Bake to Render Output from Shared UV Map causes Incorrect Results via Network Rendering

Bug 55429 – Hard Edge Smoothing is not Preserved onto a Procedural Layer when the Source Meshes have Rotations Applied

Bug 55477 – Using a procedural Boolean operation after a Transform operation causes Display Errors in the resulting mesh

Bug 55478 – Snapping to Intersecting or Overlapping Components Does Not Work Reliably

Bug 55517 – Boolean subtract of intersecting meshes produces bad result

Bug 55522 – Baking AO via Network Rendering does not Work

Bug 55550 – Snapping to Components in a Scene with Dense Items can cause Erratic Snapping Behavior.

Bug 55554 – [ER] Allow Replicas contained in a Replicator to be defined as the source of a MergeMesh operation

Bug 55663 – Motion Blur on a curve inside a MeshOps no longer works

Bug 55744 – pMods Simulation is very slow when driving an animated MeshOp, even when there is no collision

Bug 55745 – [Feature] Allow the Curve Rebuild Procedural to rebuild the strips of a Mesh Fusion item as a curve.

Bug 55755 – Clone on Curve Procedure does not update live if the source mesh is altered