MODO | SMO GAME CONTENT Kit for Modo 12.X – Beta 1.30

Hi everyone. SMO GAME CONTENT Kit  is Out. This kit focus on creating Kitbash of assets and Game Content development for Unity. (UE4 preset are currently in dev). I want to point out also that it could help a lot your production on other stuff than Game Content. ArchViz (it can help you to build... Lire la Suite →

Fan boys Mode ON: Slack Modo theme.

For those who always wanted to get a better contrast and comfort when reading the slack channel of Foundry, you've probably wanted to get a Dark Mode. So here are the steps to follow. First of all follow the video below. and take a moment to copy the code right here. this is the Hexadecimal... Lire la Suite →

DyneRR Update 1.72

DyneRR Update 1.72 Fixed the Aspect ratio bug if you were using a ratio of 1.5 for the render  (1920 x 1280 pix). So now you can use any resolution you want. Fixed a Bug in the Render Margin that was not updating the RenderRegion in Vertical values. Discounted by 20% here New tutorial in... Lire la Suite →

DyneRR – Dynamic RenderRegion for Modo – Released

Hi everyone. Here is an assembly that may speed up your rendering with ease and with affordability. Available on my Gumroad page. (New tools will come soon aside of this first product.) --------------------------------> UPDATE 1.5 <-------------------------------- Even more simple to connect the nodes. Camera to DyneRR with only one Node now (Thanks to Simon... Lire la Suite →

my humble contribution through bug reports on Modo 11.

Foundry Dev Team is aware of those things, just to keep informed Modo users. I hope they will be fixed soon. Bug 55319 - Let users add grouped mesh items to the sources of MergeMeshOps Bug 55386 - [Regression] Bake to Render Output from Shared UV Map causes Incorrect Results via Network Rendering Bug 55429... Lire la Suite →

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