SMO GAME CONTENT Kit – 3rd – Improving Workflow.

Improving Workflow via Pie Menus, Macro and Scripts.

Master Pie Menu to get the most accessed command. Click on This link to view it at full size.


  • Centers
  • Direct Boolean operation
  • Meshops
  • Direct Modeling Scripts to cleanup Edge and Elements
  • Poly Selection Scripts
  • Viewport Display Options
  • Shadow Catcher on Demand

The Main Pie Menu have a bunch of hotkey to call them directly.

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SMO GAME CONTENT Kit – 2nd – Understanding how Modo works under the hood.

Understanding how Modo works, in order to tame it easily.

A bunch of multiple Externalized Config file with comments and stuff to modify it, to your own Needs:

  • Preferences
  • Keymap
  • Keymap for GamePad (Belkin Nostromo N52)
  • Viewport Color Scheme
  • Color IO Management
  • FBX Presets (for all your exports to Substance / Unity / Zbrush and so on)
  • 2 Customized Layouts for your 2nd Monitor (Modeling and UV Advanced Tools)
  • Pref Example for Network Rendering
  • Tools Properties Keymap

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SMO GAME CONTENT Kit – 1st – MeshOps Workflow for All.

Improving the Procedural MeshOps integration to your pipeline.

One big part of the key features in the kit is in the Meshop part of it, that is filled up with a bunch of scripts to help you work faster on an iterative process.

It lets you build kitbash of meshes as FBX or MeshPreset as LXL file, like in this video.

It also lets you load every FBX Data to show those Meshes as Inline or 2D or 3D Array that you can then renders as Asset library board. 

It includes Vertex Normals set, MikkTangentSpace map, UVs and Materials, it preserve the smoothness to have an issue free pipeline.

For instance:
It took me just 3 different MeshOp Rig scene to create this set of about 300 types of Prefabs. The maximum load in Modo was at about 11 Gb Memory load when i’ve exported the biggest rig along 180 Frames.

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SMOLUCK Kit – Spring Cleanup.

You will be pleased to see that i’m currently updating my kits to clean them up, and put them in a better location under a Group in the Form Editor.

Now you will have a better access to those, and it will let you enable or disable any commands with the little Checkbox.


Remember the oldies:

Mum: « Hey Baby, did you’ve clean it up ? »
Me: « Yes, room cleaned »

Fan boys Mode ON: Slack Modo theme.

For those who always wanted to get a better contrast and comfort when reading the slack channel of Foundry, you’ve probably wanted to get a Dark Mode. So here are the steps to follow.


First of all follow the video below. and take a moment to copy the code right here.

this is the Hexadecimal color chain for the Sidebar color preference.


Now that we’ve changed the main color theme, we need to edit a JavaScript , because well Slack doesn’t offer right in the bat solution for a dark mode.

  • 1. Open your installation folder of Slack:
    (located under C:\Users\___YOUR_NAME___\AppData\Local\slack )
  • 2. Then search for that File: ssb-interop.js
  • 3. Edit it with Notepad++ or any Text editing software.
  • 4. Now add that code bellow to the end of the that file.
  • 5. Close Slack (don’t forget to close it totally by Quitting the app in lower right side of your Taskbar.
  • 6. Restart slack.

For their Awesome blog post thanks a lot to

Good job.

DyneRR Update 1.6

Hi dear early adopters of DyneRR !


First i want to thank you for your support.

I know that there is few thing that must be improved, but please be sure that i will continue on improving this tool and release few others as soon as i can.

Down bellow you got the latest news.

You may need to reply to the survey on twitter and share your feedback on the Foundry Discuss thread.


I hope it already have help you, if not, give me your review please.

——————————–> UPDATE 1.6 <——————————–

Changed the visibility preset of the DyneRR_Mobile (Volume mesh that drive the RenderRegion).
Now it’s not in BoundingBox DisplayMode.

Also, all the items of the assembly should not be rendered, even if you let them as visible for edit purpose.
It’s way easier to edit now.

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my humble contribution through bug reports on Modo 11.

Foundry Dev Team is aware of those things, just to keep informed Modo users. I hope they will be fixed soon.

Bug 55319 – Let users add grouped mesh items to the sources of MergeMeshOps

Bug 55386 – [Regression] Bake to Render Output from Shared UV Map causes Incorrect Results via Network Rendering

Bug 55429 – Hard Edge Smoothing is not Preserved onto a Procedural Layer when the Source Meshes have Rotations Applied

Bug 55477 – Using a procedural Boolean operation after a Transform operation causes Display Errors in the resulting mesh

Bug 55478 – Snapping to Intersecting or Overlapping Components Does Not Work Reliably

Bug 55517 – Boolean subtract of intersecting meshes produces bad result

Bug 55522 – Baking AO via Network Rendering does not Work

Bug 55550 – Snapping to Components in a Scene with Dense Items can cause Erratic Snapping Behavior.

Bug 55554 – [ER] Allow Replicas contained in a Replicator to be defined as the source of a MergeMesh operation

Bug 55663 – Motion Blur on a curve inside a MeshOps no longer works

Bug 55744 – pMods Simulation is very slow when driving an animated MeshOp, even when there is no collision

Bug 55745 – [Feature] Allow the Curve Rebuild Procedural to rebuild the strips of a Mesh Fusion item as a curve.

Bug 55755 – Clone on Curve Procedure does not update live if the source mesh is altered