2022 – Ocean Wide VR

Hi everyone.

Here is my latest artwork for our VR Trawler Ship Safety Simulation Software we’re working on at Extriple.
The asset is set to be used in Unity 2021.2 and it’s designed to cover all the deck by user in a VR environment.

You can review this project over Arstation.

Modeling and Wireframe here.

Loading screen illustration done in Modo / Photoshop

In-Game environment in Unity 2021.2 HDRP

Modeling in Modo

Click on this image to see the whole modeling result with wireframes.

Texturing in Substance Painter / UV Map in Modo & RizomUV

Deck Modeling:
VariationTexture to create IDs for the wood planks.
Used in conjunction with Converted UV to Mesh in Modo, to easily layout all those on a flat surface rather than the Curved one.

Houdini – Scans PointCloud Cleanup / Segmentation

Houdini – Point Cloud Color Grading / Cleanup

Houdini – Fishing Nets Modeling via wrap(Conform by UV) technique

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