MODO | Scripting in Python – Tips #01

If you dare counting Vertex, Edge and Polygons selected in current Mesh Layers, use this method. it count all the selected element on multiple Meshlayer as well as on a single one. Thanks to Matt Cox for is tips shared on the Foundry Forums. selSvc = lx.service.Selection () SelVertexCount = selSvc.Count (selSvc.LookupType (lx.symbol.sSELTYP_VERTEX)) lx.out('In Selected... Lire la Suite →


Hi everyone, What do you think of this new tool (assembly) that lets you Straighten a Source Photograph using curves as guide ? Much better than Perspective Warp in Photoshop, as the line are well....Curves Best regards, Franck.

AR MR – Mechanical Engineering

AR / MR project using Hololens and Mobile done on the last 2 Weeks. Model built from scratch in Modo, UVpacked in RizomUV, Pixaflux normal map Bake, textured in Substance Designer and Painter, integrated in Unity. Animation of build up process will be show off in MR or AR device. Wireframe in Modo and... Lire la Suite →

SWHighTech – Industrial Robotic Arm for AR App

Recently done a quick Industrial model for use in an AR Maintenance Learning App Pixaflux rounded Edge Baking was really nice to use on this one. Used MODO / Pixaflux / Marmoset / SubstancePainter during the production.  

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