HAESUNG DS – Industrial Safety/ Production Management App

Application running on PC via Unity. It helps the Managers to check Production, distribution of tasks, as well as monitoring security and event on all the buildings of their factory.

Used MODO during the production.


DAEGUN – Product Design and Advertising Video

3D Printer advertising video – (Metalic Powder Fixing by Laser)


Used MODO (Base Render), Photoshop, ZBrush and After Effect during the production.


BMI VR Training / Marketing App

VR Project running under Samsung HMD or HTC Vive to show Product of this company in event or onsite with clients. Fishing Trawl door can be 5 Meter tall, so a convenient way of visualizing the product was built via VR under Unity.

It helps the client to visualize the different models, along their performance, pros and cons; as well as learning how to used them.

Used MODO, Substance Designer during the production.

Communication Emitter – Render and In Context Concept

Pure Modo render (yes noisy) and some Post in Photoshop.


NAMBUK ENG – ArchViz & Company Identity

Archiz Render for Communication purpose and Design for Company Identity.


Used MODO, Illustrator and After Effect during the production.

HOLOLENS AR – CNC – Learning Project

This project was done for AR learning purpose, runing under Microsoft Hololens via Unity, for KoreaTech University.


No more injuries or expensive mechanical reparation now with this all in one Training program.

Used MODO, Illustrator and Substance Designer during the production.

SEOSENGPO VR Project – Art Dump

This a VR (PC) and AR (Mobile) project to reproduce the medieval citadel of  서생포왜성 (SEOSENGPO), running under Unity for the Cultural Preservation Museum.

Used MODO, Substance Designer, Rizom UV along with ZBrush during the production.