SMO COLOR BAR: Cycle function

When you have to deal with multiple items in a scene, Color tagging might help a lot. The easiest way is to cycle along a set of predefined presets via the Cycle button. The only limitation in this function is that it works on one item at a time. The Cycle IT button is rolling... Lire la Suite →

MODO | Scripting in Python – Tips #01

If you dare counting Vertex, Edge and Polygons selected in current Mesh Layers, use this method. it count all the selected element on multiple Meshlayer as well as on a single one. Thanks to Matt Cox for is tips shared on the Foundry Forums. selSvc = lx.service.Selection () SelVertexCount = selSvc.Count (selSvc.LookupType (lx.symbol.sSELTYP_VERTEX)) lx.out('In Selected... Lire la Suite →


Hi everyone, What do you think of this new tool (assembly) that lets you Straighten a Source Photograph using curves as guide ? Much better than Perspective Warp in Photoshop, as the line are well....Curves Best regards, Franck.

2019 – SWHighTech – Industrial Robotic Arm for AR App

Recently done a quick Industrial model for use in an AR Maintenance Learning App Pixaflux rounded Edge Baking was really nice to use on this one. Used MODO / Pixaflux / Marmoset / SubstancePainter during the production.

Communication Emitter – Render and In Context Concept

Pure Modo render (yes noisy) and some Post in Photoshop.

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