Hi everyone, What do you think of this new tool (assembly) that lets you Straighten a Source Photograph using curves as guide ? Much better than Perspective Warp in Photoshop, as the line are well....Curves Best regards, Franck.

2019 – SWHighTech – Industrial Robotic Arm for AR App

Recently done a quick Industrial model for use in an AR Maintenance Learning App Pixaflux rounded Edge Baking was really nice to use on this one. Used MODO / Pixaflux / Marmoset / SubstancePainter during the production.

Communication Emitter – Render and In Context Concept

Pure Modo render (yes noisy) and some Post in Photoshop.

SMO GAME CONTENT Kit – 3rd – Improving Workflow.

Improving Workflow via Pie Menus, Macro and Scripts. Master Pie Menu to get the most accessed command. Click on This link to view it at full size. Centers Direct Boolean operation Meshops Direct Modeling Scripts to cleanup Edge and Elements Poly Selection Scripts Viewport Display Options Shadow Catcher on Demand Here is just the Main... Lire la Suite →

SMO GAME CONTENT Kit – 2nd – Understanding how Modo works under the hood.

Understanding how Modo works, in order to tame it easily. A bunch of multiple Externalized Config file with comments and stuff to modify it, to your own Needs: Preferences Keymap Keymap for GamePad (Belkin Nostromo N52) Viewport Color Scheme Color IO Management FBX Presets (for all your exports to Substance / Unity / Zbrush and... Lire la Suite →

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