When you have to deal with multiple items in a scene, Color tagging might help a lot.

3 solution reminds to you:

  • Color Bar – Cycle:
  • Color Bar – By Type:
  • Color Bar – By Color:


CB – Cycle is the easiest way is to cycle along a set of predefined presets via the Cycle button. The only limitation in this function is that it works on one item at a time.


CB – By type is probably the best balance between available function and UI space.

CB – By Color:



The « By Color » Bar deliver all the different Drawing Mode through Drop-Down menu (like the one on the left). This is a long  horizontal bar than can fit the top viewport or a schematic workflow.



COLOR_NONE_WFOn both Right and Left side you can have access to Floating Individual menus that are Vertical and Horizontal and that are limited to a specific drawing Mode, that allow customized Drawing presets for Item List, Wireframe , Fill and all 3.


This button let you Delete the custom Drawings of items that have a specific viewport display.



DyneRR Update 1.72

DyneRR Update 1.72

  • Fixed the Aspect ratio bug if you were using a ratio of 1.5 for the render  (1920 x 1280 pix). So now you can use any resolution you want.
  • Fixed a Bug in the Render Margin that was not updating the RenderRegion in Vertical values.
  • Discounted by 20% here
  • New tutorial in FullHD here:

DyneRR Update 1.6

Hi dear early adopters of DyneRR !


First i want to thank you for your support.

I know that there is few thing that must be improved, but please be sure that i will continue on improving this tool and release few others as soon as i can.

Down bellow you got the latest news.

You may need to reply to the survey on twitter and share your feedback on the Foundry Discuss thread.


I hope it already have help you, if not, give me your review please.

——————————–> UPDATE 1.6 <——————————–

Changed the visibility preset of the DyneRR_Mobile (Volume mesh that drive the RenderRegion).
Now it’s not in BoundingBox DisplayMode.

Also, all the items of the assembly should not be rendered, even if you let them as visible for edit purpose.
It’s way easier to edit now.

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DyneRR – Dynamic RenderRegion for Modo – Released

Hi everyone.

Here is an assembly that may speed up your rendering with ease and with affordability.

Available on my Gumroad page.

(New tools will come soon aside of this first product.)

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