IPackThat & Modo Flavor.

Having so much fun with the "Copy/Paste UV position" in Modo 901 and IPackThat. It's been a long time since i wait for that features in Modo, as it's in Maya since a long time ("Transfert Data"). With IPack That on the side, it's so sweet and quick to layout UV's perfectly. Also Color's UI... Lire la Suite →

A UV Packer that you should take a look into ! God Bless IPackThat

If you're actually working on UV layout, I 'll probably suggest you to take a look at the work of Snoelk from Germany - Technical Artist at Piranha Bytes. He have post an interesting thread (through Polycount forum) on is new Standalone UVpacker, still currently in dev and in Beta but still promising CG tools:... Lire la Suite →

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