IPackThat & Modo Flavor.

Having so much fun with the "Copy/Paste UV position" in Modo 901 and IPackThat. It's been a long time since i wait for that features in Modo, as it's in Maya since a long time ("Transfert Data"). With IPack That on the side, it's so sweet and quick to layout UV's perfectly. Also Color's UI... Lire la Suite →

Matching Render in Modo as well as in Sub Painter. « How-to » – First Try = FAIL

Hello. I'm experiencing some issue displaying the same PBR Rendering as SB Painter in Modo. I'm looked into some forum thread like those from Wes McDermott here and some on modology.fr (Modo French User Forum), but didn't found how figured out the same render in both software. So here i'm trying to find a workaround... Lire la Suite →

Enhanced PipelineIO_Menu by Smoluck for Ariel Chai

Extended PipelineIO Menu for Modo 701/801 I've made a "tweaked form menu" for the PipelineIO (InOut) from Ariel Chai scipt suite. For more information about that script and that tweaked form you should go to the TF community forum.   Before installing this form, you should create a new directory "TEMP_OBJ" in order to export... Lire la Suite →

Vehicle WIP

Un ptit post pour mettre en avant des modèles (une citerne d'essence et un tracteur agricole), pour lequel j'ai vraiment pris du plaisir pendant la modélisation. Il me faudra certainement revenir dessus pour en faire des modèles HD dignes de ce nom, mais la composition principale est là. Ici le modèle Temps Réel dans le... Lire la Suite →

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