When you have to deal with multiple items in a scene, Color tagging might help a lot.

3 solution reminds to you:

  • Color Bar – Cycle:
  • Color Bar – By Type:
  • Color Bar – By Color:


CB – Cycle is the easiest way is to cycle along a set of predefined presets via the Cycle button. The only limitation in this function is that it works on one item at a time.


CB – By type is probably the best balance between available function and UI space.

CB – By Color:



The « By Color » Bar deliver all the different Drawing Mode through Drop-Down menu (like the one on the left). This is a long  horizontal bar than can fit the top viewport or a schematic workflow.



COLOR_NONE_WFOn both Right and Left side you can have access to Floating Individual menus that are Vertical and Horizontal and that are limited to a specific drawing Mode, that allow customized Drawing presets for Item List, Wireframe , Fill and all 3.


This button let you Delete the custom Drawings of items that have a specific viewport display.