When you have to deal with multiple items in a scene, Color tagging might help a lot.

3 solution reminds to you:

  • Color Bar – Cycle:
  • Color Bar – By Type:
  • Color Bar – By Color:


CB – Cycle is the easiest way is to cycle along a set of predefined presets via the Cycle button. The only limitation in this function is that it works on one item at a time.


CB – By type is probably the best balance between available function and UI space.

CB – By Color:



The « By Color » Bar deliver all the different Drawing Mode through Drop-Down menu (like the one on the left). This is a long  horizontal bar than can fit the top viewport or a schematic workflow.



COLOR_NONE_WFOn both Right and Left side you can have access to Floating Individual menus that are Vertical and Horizontal and that are limited to a specific drawing Mode, that allow customized Drawing presets for Item List, Wireframe , Fill and all 3.


This button let you Delete the custom Drawings of items that have a specific viewport display.



Preset and Unit Setup for FBX.

From MODO to 3DsMAX and conversely from 3DsMAX back to MODO

I’ve tried to export Mesh from Modo to 3DsMAX through FBX 2013, and i’ve found some difficulty to setup the unit’s correctly.

Fortunately i’ve found the good Setup, so i want to share it to you.

  • Unit Setup window, can be found under Customize menu in Max.
  • And for Modo it’s under System/ Preferences… menu.

Have a good day.