Enjoying Procedural workflow.

Procedural Modeling in Modo can be really interesting in regards of Design iteration. #Eyewear #Fashion #Designers ! You want to give more freedom to your creativity ?Get some fun with Modo's Meshops power, @Ten_24 Head scan & @marmosetco Toolbag https://youtu.be/QfrKXgBXBac https://twitter.com/sm0luck/status/1194418991801880577?s=20 Creating variation over time is pretty fancy too for creating large assets for creating... Lire la Suite →

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MODO I Shark Scale / Alien – Experimental Meshop with Falloff from Modo 14.0

Hi everyone, I really wish i had the chance to work with #HRGiger, He's always an inspiration to many of us. Here the work i've done for illustrating shark's scales for Scientific Teaching App. I got lucky to have turned it into an Alien Easter Egg. https://youtu.be/1mo94XKY6MU  

Mesh Fusion Experiment.

Hi everyone, Just some recent render of a Medical tool (Laryngoscope). Main piece recreated from scratch using MF in Modo instead of the original cad data. Great practice to learn stuff. How much did you use MeshFusion in your workflow. I'd be happy to know, feel free to reply in the comments below. Best regards,... Lire la Suite →

SMO Color Bar v1.10

Hi everyone. Feel free to get the current SMO Kits releases for MODO, they are still free since last 2019 Christmas. I can announce that i will remove them from market in few weeks and launch SMONSTER Kit with new Updates as a completely new product (including Bug fix, Features, new Kits, Documentation, Tutorials) At... Lire la Suite →


When you have to deal with multiple items in a scene, Color tagging might help a lot. 3 solution reminds to you: Color Bar - Cycle: Color Bar - By Type: Color Bar - By Color: CB - Cycle is the easiest way is to cycle along a set of predefined presets via the Cycle... Lire la Suite →

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